Lifting Points

Ball-bearing lifting point BLP

Choosing the right lifting point can be a headache since most lifting points are multi-purpose.
Gunnebo BLP lifting points stand out for their freedom of movement.

The BLP is equipped with a ball bearing that facilitates load rotation during lifting activities.
It’s perfect for situations that require maintenance on heavy loads.

What’s more, it ensures that safety comes first! For example, every BLP lifting point is individually tested (MPI) at 2-1/2 times the Working Load Limit.

BLP lifting point-friendly applications:
  • Ball-bearing lifting point

    The BLP is a ball-bearing swivel that always performs to expectation under load.

  • Tight spaces

    The BLP lifting point is designed to take up hardly any space and to prevent contact between the load and the external anchor. For example, relevant situations could include engine or gearbox assembly lines.
  • Manoevering heavy loads

    In situations where heavy loads need to be rotated or tilted, the BLP is the best choice. Whether using press tools or performing casting operations – you can rely on the BLP.

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