Load securing

Lashing chains

The responsibility for securing loads transported by road is increasing. Let one of our experts assist you discover which lashing chain will secure load. With a diverse stock of lashing material, we make sure you can hit the road safely, because that's what it's all about. Our lashing chains comply with the EN 12195-3 standard.

Ratchet tensioner, type GT

Ratchet tensioner with a 'foolproof' fork connection at both ends in Grade 10.
Extremely robust and user-friendly housing and ratchet design.

The inside is also greased, making the tensioner practically maintenance-free.

Lashing chain set with ratchet tensioner

The ratchet tensioner (GT), intended for lashing chain according to EN-12195-3, combined with the Midgrab shortening hook,
this combination provides the ultimate efficiency for safe load securing. All parts of this lashing chain comply with the EN-12195-3 standard.

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