The Safe Way



The elephant is an intelligent animal, they are group animals, and they have a good memory. Their knowledge is passed on from generation to generation.

Just like this beautiful animal, we at SKP strive to share our knowledge with the outside world. SKP offers top quality with a family touch. We have been in the business for 45 years and can rely on a good memory and experience. It's just in our nature...


From the very first day SKP s existed, we wanted to offer our customers the best quality items.

aanbieden. We carefully select our high-quality manufacturers with you in mind.

Compliant products only go into stock after inspection. Control is not an empty concept for SKP. From day 1 of our existence, we submitted ourselves to a certification inspection by an external service for technical control (EDTC) before commissioning. This ensures your product can be used immediately.

Our hoisting equipment is supplied in accordance with the European Directives “Machines” 2006/42/EC. We can guarantee perfection when used correctly.

Add to this the control by an EDTC, and you have a guaranteed safe product.


When ordered, the goods are properly packaged. The goods will arrive at your location in impeccable condition. The delivery note will boast a sticker saying “The SKP Way is the safe Way”; which gives you a guarantee that it is a safe product. You can then get started with peace of mind.