Peace of mind, doesn't everyone want that? At SKP, you get that for free.

Acting as a reference point for safe hoisting operations, we help people do their work in reliable and ergonomic conditions. And of course, without worries. We offer this guarantee by offering high-quality hoisting materials and a premium service. Our lifelines and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are the best quality equipment for working at height. From professionals, for professionals.

Customers of SKP are customers who come home.

We're a family

SKP is a family business that now spans 2 generations. We propagate our family values in all areas. We take care of our clients. As a family business, we promote personal service.


Our customers know what to expect from SKP. We believe a sustainable customer relationship is based on honest communication. We do what we promise, and we sincere and transparent information about our working methods and the current state of affairs.


We value the opinion of others. We put ourselves in the shoes of colleagues, customers and suppliers, recognise differences in opinion, and avoid prejudice. We are always open to dialogue in our communication. We respect our environment and the personal space of others.


Safety is in our nature. Safe working is primarily about respect. This is why we strive for safe and ergonomic solutions, and offer reliable products and excellent service. Buy with confidence at SKP. We see trust – both internally and externally – as a foundation of our operations.


Our concern for working in safe and ergonomic conditions is what drives us.  We want to combine high-quality offerings with premium service. SKP wants to be the reference when it comes to fall protection techniques and working safely with hoisting equipment. We do this by being eager to learn, staying alert to new developments, constantly specialising, and daring to innovate. We set the bar high, for ourselves and the sector.


In SKP's world, our shared expertise would naturally stimulate safe working with and at heights. This is how we form the basis of a new mindset. After all, safety is primarily about people, not about products.

SKP is more than simply a distributor of high-quality fall protection and lifting/hoisting equipment. Above all, we are experts in safety, and we would like to share that expertise. As a family business, we do this in a very personal way; customers who come to SKP feel at home.