As a purchaser, Paul Smith always had to move heaven and earth to find a suitable steel cable at the last minute. So there was certainly room for a steel cable supplier in Limburg. This is why he founded StaaldraadKabels Put (SKP) in 1975. He started a one-man business in Hasselt with the mission: “Fast and professional supply of steel wire cables to Limburg companies”.

Less than three years later, he realised the building in Hasselt was becoming too small, so he moved SKP to Koersel. In 1991, the situation became unsustainable again and Paul set up new business premises in Beringen.

The range was expanded again in 2005, this time with fall protection. The range included temporary to permanent lifelines, harnesses and anti-fall systems.

Once again, in 2007, the warehouse was too small, so SKP doubled its capacity in order to be able to continue to provide good service.

In 2020, the offices are modern, contemporary and ready to provide a warm welcome.