The TRANSPORT is a particularly comfortable and robust 45-litre backpack. It is made of PVC-free material and its welded construction provides strength.

Thanks to the padded back, belts and shoulder straps, it is ideal for wearing on long distances. It is designed for use in harsh conditions and has an ID card compartment.



  • Waist belt, shoulder straps and back of the bag are padded for increased comfort.
  • Top flap has a pocket for an ID card.
  • Coated fabric (PVC-free) with welded construction for increased strength.
  • Drawstring closure for easy access.
  • Handles on both the top and side.
  • Inner loop for securing material.
  • Net weight: 1250 gram.
  • Available in 45 litre, 67 cm height and in yellow with black.
  • Material: TPU, polyester, EVA and polypropylene.
Petzl ART14001215
Headlamp Pixa 1
Helmets and accessories Pixa 1
€ 32,37Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001160
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€ 35,91Excluding 21% VAT
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Visor for Vertex helmet
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Petzl ART14001165
Glove Cordex Plus black L
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€ 44,37Excluding 21% VAT
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Headlamp Pixa 2
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€ 46,40Excluding 21% VAT
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€ 63,66Excluding 21% VAT
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€ 67,7Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001010
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€ 67,94Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001220
Headlamp Pixa 3R (rechargeable)
Helmets and accessories Pixa 3 (rechargeable)
€ 91,72Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001152
Bag Transport yellow 45l hight: 67cm
Helmets and accessories Transport
€ 94,63Excluding 21% VAT