Simple and durable, you can insert ropes and other equipment in the BUCKET. It keeps its shape even when empty, so you have easy access to its entire contents. The BUCKET is available in two colours (yellow and red) and in two sizes (25 and 35 litres).


  • The bag remains upright and has an exterior folding lid system that allows easy access to the contents of the bag.
  • External zip pocket for personal belongings.
  • Transparent external window for displaying an identification card.
  • Two large carrying handles.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Interior loop that can be used as attachment point for rope.
  • Coated fabric bottom for durability in difficult environments and for longevity of the bag.
  • Waterproof.
  • Available in red and yellow and in 25 or 35 litres.
  • Material: polyester.
Petzl ART14001215
Headlamp Pixa 1
Helmets and accessories Pixa 1
€ 32,37Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001160
Glove Cordex beige L
Helmets and accessories Cordex
€ 35,91Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001016
Visor for Vertex helmet
Helmets and accessories VERTEX Vizir
€ 41,7Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001165
Glove Cordex Plus black L
Helmets and accessories Cordex PLUS
€ 44,37Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001217
Headlamp Pixa 2
Helmets and accessories Pixa 2
€ 46,40Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001154
Bag Bucket 35l height: 53cm
Helmets and accessories Bucket
€ 50,70Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001219
Headlamp Pixa 3
Helmets and accessories Pixa 3
€ 63,66Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001015
Helmet Vertex Vent white
Helmets and accessories VERTEX VENT
€ 67,7Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001010
Helmet Vertex white
Helmets and accessories VERTEX
€ 67,94Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001220
Headlamp Pixa 3R (rechargeable)
Helmets and accessories Pixa 3 (rechargeable)
€ 91,72Excluding 21% VAT
Petzl ART14001152
Bag Transport yellow 45l hight: 67cm
Helmets and accessories Transport
€ 94,63Excluding 21% VAT