Lifting magnet MaxX 500

Tecnomagnete ART18050500
Has been inspected
Inspection by anexternal technicalinspection service according to Belgian legislation.
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From 2 units at ? 854.06/unit From 5 units at ? 806.61/unit From 10 units at ? 759.16/unit
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Max Ø
400 mm
Max weight of plate
500 kg
Min sheet thickness
25 mm
Other variant
Max Ø Max weight of plate Min sheet thickness

The MaxX is extremely useful for safely and ergonomically handling heavy loads in a safe and ergonomic way. The magnetic flux is directed through the load only where it is needed. This ensures consistent performance. The smart handle warns of potential danger. This could be, for example with an unbalanced load, incorrect material or incorrect thickness of material. The increased resistance in the lever warns of these dangers.

  • Min sheet thickness: 25 mm
  • Max Ø: 400 mm
  • Max weight of plate: 500 kg