Carabiner M54


  • Fully complies with the NEN-EN 362 standard.
  • Aluminium.
  • Automatic buckles with double trigger.
  • Opening: Ø 110 mm.
Tractel ART14004040
M10 carabiner with turnbuckle 18mm
Type of carabiner M10
€ 8,91Excluding 21% VAT
Tractel ART14004041
M11 carabiner self-closing 17mm
Type of carabiner M11
€ 24,40Excluding 21% VAT
Tractel ART14004042
M12 carabiner aluminum 17mm
Type of carabiner M12
€ 26,52Excluding 21% VAT
Tractel ART14004051
M51 aluminium connector 60mm
Type of carabiner M51
€ 66,0Excluding 21% VAT
Tractel ART14004052
M52 aluminium connector 60mm
Type of carabiner M52
€ 73,82Excluding 21% VAT
Tractel ART14004060
M60 carabiner 50mm
Type of carabiner M60
€ 78,88Excluding 21% VAT
Tractel ART14004054
M54 carabiner 110mm
Type of carabiner M54
€ 150,23Excluding 21% VAT