Weldable lifting point WLP

The Grade 10 weldable lifting point WLP provides a solution for situations in which threaded fittings cannot be used.
When secured to the load, this lifting point is also incredibly compact.

WLP lifting point features:
  • ‘Stay up’ function

    The WLP lifting point is equipped with a ‘stay up’ function, which guarantees quick and damage-free rigging.

  • Flexible and versatile

    The large gap in the lifting point enables the use of a wide range of hooks, and its 180° pivot range enhances its flexibility.
Gunnebo ART10060125
Weldable lifting point WLP 2,5t
Type of lifting eye WLP
WLL 2.5 tonnes
€ 30,27Excluding 21% VAT
Gunnebo ART10060140
Weldable lifting point WLP 4t
Type of lifting eye WLP
WLL 4 tonnes
€ 32,55Excluding 21% VAT
Gunnebo ART10060170
Weldable lifting point WLP 7t
Type of lifting eye WLP
WLL 7 tonnes
€ 47,13Excluding 21% VAT