Lifting Points

Rotating eye lifting point RELP

The RELP lifting point is robust and compact, which makes it perfect for top-mounting loads as the central support.
And it ensures flexibility and speed when rigging a load quickly is essential.

The RELP lifting point automatically shifts to the correct position based on where the load is rigged, which reinforces the safety of the rigging assembly.

In addition, RELP lifting points are an excellent resource for lifting fragile loads where the surface must remain perfectly intact.
In most cases, the lifting point will be positioned parallel to the load. This protects the load from hook damage.

RELP lifting point features:
  • Significantly safer than a DIN 580 eye bolt

    The RELP lifting point’s WLL is several times higher than that of a DIN 580 and is also made of non-ageing steel. As a result, the user can always put their confidence in the stated safe working load and use this eye bolt repeatedly.

  • Automatically adjusts to the loading direction

    This reduces the risk of the load unintentionally breaking free of the lifting point and reduces lifting operation hazards in general.

  • Compact and robust design

    RELP is great for rigging loads at the centre of gravity, which means it can function as the sole lifting point. That means there’s no need to fuss with multiple lifting points. It’s also well suited to fragile load-related lifting operations, e.g. an electric motor that needs to be mounted.


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