Grade 8 Eye nut

Not only does SKP have an extensive range of Grade 10 lifting points available; it also sells Grade 8 lifting points.
The Grade 8 lifting point’s WLL is several times higher than that of a DIN 580 and is also made of non-ageing steel.
As a result, the user can always put their confidence in the eye nut’s reliability.

Van Beest ART10042008
Eye nut GP M8
Screw thread M8
WLL 0.4 tonne
€ 22,60Excluding 21% VAT
Van Beest ART10042010
Eye nut GP M10
Screw thread M10
WLL 0.7 tonne
€ 24,61Excluding 21% VAT
Van Beest ART10042012
Eye nut GP M12
Screw thread M12
WLL 1 tonne
€ 31,37Excluding 21% VAT
Van Beest ART10042014
Eye nut GP M14
Screw thread M14
WLL 1.2 tonnes
€ 32,75Excluding 21% VAT
Van Beest ART10042016
Eye nut GP M16
Screw thread M16
WLL 1.5 tonnes
€ 36,12Excluding 21% VAT
Van Beest ART10042018
Eye nut GP M18
Screw thread M18
WLL 2 tonnes
€ 47,7Excluding 21% VAT
Van Beest ART10042020
Eye nut GP M20
Screw thread M20
WLL 2.5 tonnes
€ 51,83Excluding 21% VAT
Van Beest ART10042022
Eye nut GP M22
Screw thread M22
WLL 3 tonnes
€ 68,58Excluding 21% VAT
Van Beest ART10042024
Eye nut GP M24
Screw thread M24
WLL 4 tonnes
€ 75,47Excluding 21% VAT
Van Beest ART10042030
Eye nut GP M30
Screw thread M30
WLL 6 tonnes
€ 101,49Excluding 21% VAT