SK system

The SK system includes a variety of Grade 8 chain sling accessories.
The system is made up of a series of specialised components for safe and easy assembly to chain, steel wire rope, webbing sling, and roundsling.

The SKLI system is an electrically insulated, lubricated, sealed roller bearing swivel.
It’s fully rotational, even at maximum load, and has been tested to resist 1,000 V. Suitable for protection of overhead cranes during welding operations on suspended loads.

Use of standardised dimensions makes it impossible to incorrectly combine components with different WLLs. It’s a foolproof system.

Half-link SKT

(Incl. locking set)

Master link SKG (closed)

Master link SKO (open)

Roller-bearing swivel SKLI

Fully enclosed ball bearing, rotatable under maximum load. Insulated against stray currents that may occur.
Breakdown voltage min. 1000V. Avoids the occurrence of stray currents through steel wires and cables.

Roundsling coupling SKR

Specially shaped for full WLL of the roundsling.

Coupling CEL