EVO 10

Elebia is an innovative manufacturer active in the automatic crane hook sector. They’re the perfect partner for anyone aiming for safer, more productive lifting operations.

Elebia’s automatic crane hooks can lift anywhere from a capacity of 2.5 tonnes to 25 tonnes. The full hook range is equipped with the Elebia patented design, featuring a powerful magnet at the bottom of the hook.

The magnet ensures that the external anchor can be fully rigged and released remotely.


  • Capacity of 10 tonnes (EVO10).
  • Magnet sensor indicates when the ring is in position.
  • High-capacity battery fully charges within 3 hours and allows 250 hours in standby mode.
  • The powerful gear motor can release up to 20 kg. The time of release can also be configured.
  • The evo10’s fail-safe design makes it impossible for the automatic hook to drop a suspended load.

How does automatic rigging happen?

  1. When the built-in magnet is close to the load, it attracts and correctly positions the rigging gear or other lifting point.
  2. Orients the rigging gear.
  3. Centres the rigging gear.
  4. The operator then pushes the close button on the remote and lifts the load without any additional handling.