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The Tractel HT56A is equipped for a multitude of uses. The X-Pad back support, leg straps, and shoulder strap padding all guarantee premium comfort.

Because the front of the harness can be opened from top to bottom, the X-Pad back support retains its shape, and the harness can be donned quickly.

Automatic buckles are also available, making it even simpler to equip the harness quickly. What’s more, the harness is equipped with fall indicators on each attachment point to maximise safety. The Tractel HT56A harness is perfect for construction workers (ladders, scaffolding, roofs, etc.) thanks to the sternal and thoracic anchor points. It is now even available with a High Capacity range of up to 150 kg.



  • Multifunctional harness.
  • Compliant with the EN 361 standard.
  • 1 dorsal anchor, 1 sternal anchor, 2 thoracic anchors.
  • 5 attachment points.
  • Sub-pelvic and leg straps.
  • Comfortable X-Pad back support.
  • Equipped with fall indicators on each attachment point.
  • Multifunctional harness.

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