Absorbica I

Single lanyard with a compact and integrated energy absorber, specially designed for protection on
a horizontal lifeline or on an elevated platform. Different types of connectors can be attached to the
Different types of connectors can be attached to the end of the lanyard. Available in 80 and 150 cm.


  • Tearing of the energy absorbing belt reduces the impact force on the user.
  • For users between 50 and 130 kg.
  • The progressive tearing of the cord reduces deceleration for lightweights.
  • The compactness of the absorber facilitates handling.
  • The durable fabric pouch with zip protects against abrasion or contamination and reduces the risk of cuts to the user or the cord cutting over sharp edges.
  • Material: polyester and nylon.
  • Equipped with MGO hook.
Petzl ART14001022
Energy absorber Absorbica-I 80 MGO + ALU OK Triact-Lock
€ 116,45Excluding 21% VAT
Energy absorber Absorbica-I 150 MGO + ALU OK Triact-Lock
€ 125,58Excluding 21% VAT