Blocfor 1.8A



  • Complies with NEN-EN 360 and CNB/P/11.060 standards for use on edges with a minimal 0.5 mm curve radius 
  • Can be used vertically or with a standard deviation of 20° in relation to vertical  
  • Can be used horizontally without the use of a lanyard between the end of the strap and harness  
  • Flexible unwinding system which doesn’t jerk during user movement 
  • Responsive system which locks automatically in less than 10 cm in the event of a fall, reducing the total drop height 
  • Includes Energy System Dissipater (ESD) technology which enables the device to arrest a fall even when the webbing is fully unwound 
  • Integrated fall indicator
Tractel ART14004001C
Blocfor 1,8A ESD M47-M10
Length 1,8m (M10)
€ 164,36Excluding 21% VAT
Tractel ART14004001D
Blocfor 1,8A ESD M47-M51
Length 1,8m (M51)
€ 208,81Excluding 21% VAT
Tractel ART14004003
Blocfor 6 ESD M47-M10
Length 6m
€ 351,46Excluding 21% VAT
Tractel ART14004004
Blocfor 10 ESD M47-M10 galva 150kg
Length 10m
€ 568,54Excluding 21% VAT
Tractel ART14004004B
Blocfor 20 ESD M47-M10 galva 150kg
Length 20m
€ 730,12Excluding 21% VAT
Tractel ART14004004C
Blocfor 20R ESD-M47
Length 20m (tracpode)
€ 1726,19Excluding 21% VAT