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According to Belgian legislation a test before bringing hoisting gear into use is compulsory for the user. This means before the user may use the purchased device at work it must first be presented to a notified body to carry out the inspection.

SKP nv offers this service for the majority of its products! This means that you as the user can immediately bring the products into use. SKP nv works with Vinçotte to offer this service. But that's not the end of the story. Another obligation in Belgium is the quarterly testing of hoisting appliances. SKP nv can take care of this for its customers too.

To carry out test loading SKP nv has two vertical testing installations, one of 10t and one of 80t. These test benches are fitted with a digital measuring cell with which reports can be generated. The customer then has an absolute guarantee of the test loading of the appliance.

A periodic inspection can take place in different forms:

- During or after a preventive maintenance at your establishment.

- After the repair of a hoisting appliance in the workshop at SKP nv.

- After the repair of an attachment device (e.g. a chain assembly, etc.).