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An unsecured load

Lashing straps

The importance of a well secured load on lorries or trailers will be obvious to all of us after having been stuck in a traffic cue because a load has been lost. Although the federal police in Belgium are increasingly checking loads, we are still far from the situation in Germany.

The range of synthetic lashing straps marketed by SKP nv are straps made according to the latest European standard, being EN 12195-2. The EN standard is a European standard applying in all European countries. Securing straps with EN standard are provided with a label to give you extra certainty relating to traceability.

The life of a securing strap is not unlimited. The capacity of the polyester fabric decreases due to the effects of humidity, UV radiation and chemicals. One can assume that a strap loses ten per cent of its strength a year. This percentage is higher if we count cuts and wear. So have your straps repaired or replaced in good time!