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Vacuum lifter in use at Caterpillar
Vacuum lifter in use at ALCOA

Vacuum lifters

Working with a vacuum lifter installation has the big advantage that the load will not be damaged in any way. The appliance is simple to operate by one person. SKP nv has vacuum lifters made according to specific requirements for loads with various lengths, widths and weights. These hoisting appliances are usually designed in such a way that one can use movable suction cups to have sheets of different dimensions lifted by one and the same lifter. Ferrous and non-ferrous materials can both be handled using vacuum systems. Sheets of copper, wood, plastic, concrete, cardboard, … can all be of no problem.

As standard these electrically driven vacuum lifts are fitted with a vacuum reservoir that prevents the load from being released with an electrical power failure. Visual and/or acoustic signals warn the user of a vacuum loss. Special versions are obviously also among the options. One example is a vacuum lifter that can tilt a load from 0 to 90° or have it rotate 360° either electrically or manually.