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 Product range - Lifting equipment - Monorails
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Monorail at Brewery Hoegaarden
Monorail for hoisting batteries from forklift trucks


The study and integration of monorail constructions has been in SKP nv's blood for decades. SKP nv sits down together with the company’s local representative in search of the best solution. Various options are discussed of both an ergonomic and practical nature. A melting pot of ideas from both parties leads to a consensus from which a design results. After the approval of the customer the monorail is constructed.

The ultimate result is a product that helps lighten the work for employees on the work floor while creating a safe work environment for everyone.

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Gantry crane delivered to the Belgian Army
Detachable gantries made from aluminium

Gantry cranes

As distinct from a monorail or a slewing crane a gantry crane is the number one regarding flexibility. With a monorail and in a certain sense also with a slewing crane one has a rigid setup. The user is always limited by the crane radius of the whole hoisting installation. He can only hoist materials immediately below the load hook. It is here that a mobile gantry can offer the solution.

A gantry crane is usually transportable on swivelling wheels. Its range is then no longer limited to one specific location at a workplace. Such a mobile hoisting construction can be used along the whole length of the workplace without jeopardising safety.

Ranging from detachable gantries to versions in aluminium, with manual hoist or electrical chain hoist, SKP nv designs and manufactures gantry cranes at the request of the customer.