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 Product range - Lifting equipment - Magnetic lifters
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MaxX 250kg magnetic lifter
MaxX 500kg magnetic lifter in use

MaxX magnetic lifters 

Tecnomagnete was founded in Italy in 1974 to become a specialist in the manufacture of permanent and electromagnets. At present this company employs approximately 200 people, with 15,000 m² of their company premises devoted to the production of high-end, industrial appliances. Tecnomagnete has an R&D, engineering and production unit under one roof.

One of the products in their range important for our customers is the MaxX magnetic lifters. A range of hoisting appliances in a very compact design and finished with an eye for detail. The 3:1 safety factor gives the people on the work floor the guarantee that loads will not be released during normal lifting work. For extra certainty the MaxX hoisting appliances are fitted with a safety resistor. Then, before the magnet starts handling the load the user is given an indication if the minimum conditions are not being satisfied. With an air gap that is too large or an insufficient material thickness, the user will find the resistance much too high when pulling the lever, and the magnet will not be able to be powered. This ingenious safety system means it is not possible to lift materials which are too thin.

For thinner sheets or materials Tecnomagnete has designed the MaxX-TG series. These lifting magnets are available in a 150kg and 300kg version.

Download the English TECNOMAGNETE MaxX lifting magnets catalogue here.

Download the English TECNOMAGNETE MaxX-TG lifting magnets catalogue here.