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VETTER GmbH slewing cranes 

In the autumn of 1889 Arnold Vetter founded VETTER KG, concentrating his activities on producing metal constructions. With his mining expertise he sought his clientele in the mining world. Production then went from works trucks to complete transport installations. VETTER KG was soon enjoying the reputation it deserved.

With the decline of the mining industry during the sixties the whole company was restructured. Today, led by the third and fourth generations VETTER GmbH consists of three subsidiary companies in Germany which are together responsible for the manufacture of more than 4,000 slewing and gantry cranes. In 1992 VETTER GmbH had already been certified according to ISO 9001 and since 2001 also ISO 9001:2000.

The range offered by this specialist consists of various kinds of slewing cranes. From the smaller Unilift wall-mounted slewing cranes with a quite limited unloading range, to the giant column slewing cranes such as the Boss type with reaching distances extending right up to the neighbours (20 m). All in a day's work for VETTER GmbH.

Download a dimensional sketch of a column slewing crane as an example here.

Download the German/French/English VETTER GmbH Slewing cranes catalogue here.