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Simplex hydraulic cylinders

Simplex was founded in 1899 in the United States. Its range was formerly limited and mainly consisted of mechanical jacks, but Simplex now offers a variety of lifting devices. Hydraulic cylinders, pumps, bottle jacks, air cushions, mechanical jacks and reel jacks, etc. Simplex started as a small local company but has grown to become an enterprise with a presence across almost the whole world.

Simplex offers an extensive range of cylinder types, tonnages and stroke lengths that are sure to meet any of your requirements. Durable, wound steel plate springs ensures a guaranteed spring return time and time again. The springs retain their strength much longer than other return springs. This longer spring working life in turn considerably lengthens the working life of the cylinder.

One of their showpieces is undoubtedly the Simplex hollow cylinders line. The cylinder body of the ‘Hard-Kor’ hollow cylinders is made in one whole, making it considerably stronger than traditional designs. This special construction eliminates potential leaks at the base of the cylinder.

Download the English Simplex Hydraulic and Mechanical catalogue here.