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HADEF logo
Electrical chain hoist HADEF type 66/04 AK 8
Electrical chain hoist HADEF (extreme short headroom) type 29/94 E

HADEF® hoisting equipment

HEINRICH DE FRIEZE GmbH, stationed in Düsseldorf where they celebrated their centenary a few of years ago, specialises in the production of hoisting equipment. The company has earned its reputation with the production of robust, reliable chain hoists and has not rested on its laurels. High Quality is the company's top priority. It is also down to flexibility that HADEF® is able to offer a wide range of products to the customer.

HADEF® hoists not only prove their worth on the European mainland, they also contribute to safe and secure working across the rest of this blue planet. HADEF® chain hoists and hoisting winches are in great demand on drilling platforms worldwide. Besides the hoisting equipment being provided with an ‘off shore coating’ for this application, as protection against high humidity and the effects of salt, they are also made in an Ex version. This all means that HADEF® is at home on all markets.

In Belgium HADEF® works with SKP nv as a contact and distribution centre for customers looking for a sound solution to their specific hoisting needs.

Download the English HADEF® catalogues here:

                            HADEF® product summary

                            HADEF® electrical chain hoists 62/05 range

                            HADEF® electrical chain hoists 66/04 range

Pull-Man logo
PULL-MAN chain block with push trolley
PULL-MAN beam clamp

PULL-MAN® hoisting equipment

The hoists from PULL-MAN® were designed in response to the demand by many users for a robust manual chain block. The PMT 622 is the best example. This is a hoist provided with a strong and reliable body that protects the mechanism at the heart against damage.

Another advantage of the PULL-MAN® hoists is the availability of a load limiting device on both chain block hoist and lever hoists. This protects your hoist against possible overloading with a slip clutch. The lever hoists from PULL-MAN® were one of the first on the Belgian market to be fitted with a load limiting device as standard.

The PULL-MAN® range also includes other hoisting equipment such as hand geared trolleys, push trolleys and beam clamps.

Download the English PULL-MAN® hoisting equipment catalogue here.

YALE logo
Chain block YALElift 360
Chain block YALElift 360 in horizontal use

YALE® hoisting equipment

YALE® has already been the benchmark in the hoisting world for chain block and lever hoists for decades. Concepts of YALE® hoists have been adopted numerous times by fellow-manufacturers with a great eye for detail. Another example is the D85 ratchet hoist. Equipment that has earned its reputation not only with its simplicity but also its excellent robustness. It is this impression of reliability that has stuck with many for YALE® products and rightly so.

YALE® again has high ambitions in this new century, this time with the Vario range with which a totally new line of chain blocks has been introduced as the YALElift 360. The hoist is initially conspicuous because a part of the housing and the hand chain can be turned 360°. This offers the user greater convenience and a safer way of working. During hoisting the operator can stand in a more comfortable position away from the danger zone. The guide for the chain is also remarkable. The chain enters the appliance and, thanks to the closed housing, kept around the hoist's internal components keeps it fully shielded from the surroundings.

Download the German YALElift Vario catalogue here.