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 Product range - Lifting accessories - Steel wire ropes
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Bridon DYFORM wire rope
Bridon wire rope on a harbour crane

BRIDON special wire ropes

Since 2000 SKP nv has been a distributor of Bridon (formerly known as British Ropes) products in Belgium. Bridon has already been a steel cable producer for more than a hundred years and incorporates the expertise in its special wire rope.

To guarantee quality Bridon manufactures its steel wire itself so the whole production process remains under its own control from start to finish. They subject each twist-free wire rope to a Powercheck and a Twistcheck so nothing is left to chance.

Bridon calls upon the advice of experienced trade professionals such as crane constructors and machinists for the development of its steel wire rope. This results in an extensive range of superior Endurance steel wire ropes – ropes of an immaculate quality. The longer working life of Bridon ropes means they more than pay for themselves in the longer term.

Download the English Bridon Crane Ropes catalogue here.