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SKP nv logo
Synthetic webbing ready to be made into slings

Belgosling® synthetic flat slings

SKP nv has an extensive range of soft products for hoisting loads that may not become damaged. SKP nv indeed manufacturers its own hoisting slings. In 1984 the first Belgosling® saw the light of day. These slings have the VGS label with the quality being checked every 6 months by a notified body. Since then SKP nv has been able to supply hoisting belts (to 10 tons) in exceptional sizes along with the necessary test documents within 24 hours.

Gunnebo Lifting logo
Gunnebo roundslings in use

Gunnebo Lifting roundslings

Endless slings from Gunnebo Lifting supplement our range of synthetic hoisting products. Gunnebo Lifting produces roundslings in a compact form and with a very high quality. It was also Gunnebo Lifting who came up with the idea of simply protecting the delicate label of the sling away from dirt and UV-light. This means information important to the user remains readable at all times.

Dyneema logo
Dyneema used for lifting steel coils

Dyneema® protective sleeve

Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fibre™, was developed by DSM. Dyneema® is a superstrength polyethylene fibre that combines maximum strength with a minimum of weight. This product is up to 15 times stronger than steel and even floats on water. Other properties are that this fibre has extremely high resistance to wear, while it is not adversely affected by humidity, UV-light or chemicals. Use in products from bullet-proof vests to medical instruments demonstrates that the material's applications are practically unrestricted.

This is also how Dyneema® found its way to the hoisting world. This can without doubt be called a new revolution in the field of synthetics. The arrival of this fibre type has ensured a facelift in the change from 'old' polyester hoisting equipment to the use of Dyneema® protective sleeves. With its extreme resistance to wear this product is highly suitable for hoisting materials with razor-sharp edges. The Dyneema® protective sleeve has already been used many times with great success for handling unravelled metal coils.