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Gunnebo OBK hook
Chain Grade 8 in use

Gunnebo Lifting Classic

Gunnebo has dominated the Grade 8 market for decades with its high quality components. Gunnebo Lifting sells a total concept in which safety is the focus. The extremely solid design, the careful choice of materials and the composition of the chain and parts demonstrate that Gunnebo Lifting leaves nothing at all to chance.

With the Grade 8 range, Gunnebo paved the way for a complete range of hoisting products made of high quality alloy steel produced in Sweden. The chain and components in Grade 8 are designed for more flexibility.

Gunnebo already achieved worldwide success some 35 years ago with the introduction of the BK hook. The design of the BK, BKG, OBK and GBK safety hooks guarantees that the latch closes and remains closed as soon as the safety hook is loaded. This means the load cannot inadvertently fall out of the hook even when the load is put down.

Download the English Gunnebo Lifting Classic catalogue here.

Gunnebo Lifting GrabiQ logo
Gunnebo MDG masterlink with shortening function
Mobile crane of Sarens uses GrabiQ

Gunnebo Lifting GrabiQ

Just before the arrival of the 21st century Gunnebo Lifting surprised everyone with another highly innovative concept in the form of the introduction of GrabiQ. This new range not only offers 25% stronger Grade 10, it also reveals a new perspective on the whole aspect of lifting.

All already existing components were closely re-examined one by one. It was decided to go in search of a yet more user-friendly and more efficient way of attaching loads. The nicest example is the MGD masterlink, where a masterlink and shortening function are combined in one part.

Gunnebo Lifting has undoubtedly elevated the lifting industry to a higher level. This is demonstrated by a glorious history brimming with innovations.

Download the English Gunnebo Lifting GrabiQ catalogue here.