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Een Telesteps ladder in closed form
A Telesteps ladder in use

TELESTEPS telescopic ladders

This may be something of an odd one out, but it does concern safe and practical access at height.

Telesteps is a Swedish manufacturer and inventor of the telescopic ladder. It also forms part of the Gunnebo family. A unique product that enables the user to quickly and safely climb to a certain height. With its telescopic construction it is extremely compact, light, and can be extended or stowed away again in no time at all! No more awkward long ladders that you can never fit in your vehicle!

Telesteps mainly markets its products for technicians, fitters, inspectors, representatives, insurance assessors, lorry drivers, crane drivers, etc...

Telesteps telescopic ladders are the ultimate solution if you regularly have to work at height and you want to combine this with convenient use and ease of transport!