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Installation of a Tirsafe temporary lifeline

Tractel fall arresters

Tractel Group gained its enviable reputation by introducing products such as the Dynafor digital dynamometers or the universally known Tirfor in its range. This multinational is not only known as a producer of lifting, hoisting, pulling and measuring appliances, Tractel is also a reputable manufacturer of fall protection equipment for persons.

The variety of personal protection equipment that Tractel has in its range can truly be called impressive. It is a range that is supplemented almost by the week.

For fall arresters the choice is of great importance. In the first place the appliance must ensure certainty that physical injury would be kept to a minimum. This is, however, only possible when the user chooses the correct appliance for the work concerned. A fall arrester that excessively restricts the freedom of movement of the user is usually impractical, but on the other hand a too large working radius can have fatal consequences. SKP nv has the knowledge in-house to offer the most suitable solution for individual work situations.