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 Product range - Fall prot. equipment - Anchoring
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A lifeline installed on a flat roof using poles.


SKP nv has already had fall arrest equipment in its product range for more than 10 years. Employers and employees have, however, only become aware in recent years that these items are a must for personnel working at height. What many people do not know is that SKP nv also has the knowledge and technicians in-house to install lifelines in and on buildings, overhead cranes, ladders, etc.

Today people still think all too often that the use of suitable fall protection equipment is an unnecessary luxury. Unfortunately, annual statistics on serious and fatal work accidents demonstrate the opposite. Each accident that can be avoided by using the correct safety resources is in many respects extra profit for the employer. Employees can continue working in ideal, safe conditions; insurance premiums do not go through the roof, etc.

Safety is always the highest priority at SKP nv. Our lifting and hoisting products are subjected to the strictest of quality conditions, just like our fall protection products. They can be used in whatever sector you are operating, ranging from the building sector on roofs and façades, to industry on overhead cranes and silos, etc.

'Your life is hanging by a thread...'

It no longer has to! SKP nv is the ultimate specialist in the engineering and assembly of temporary and permanent lifelines. To do this SKP nv works with the reputable manufacturer Tractel, known for its Travsafe lifelines.