Carabiner Alu Am'D Ball-Lock

Petzl ART14001052
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Inspection by anexternal technicalinspection service according to Belgian legislation.
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The lightweight and asymmetric carabiner is made of aluminium. It has a D-shape that is ideal for connecting to various equipment such as descenders or positioning cords.

  • Type of carabiner: Alu Am'D
  • Type of closure: BALL-LOCK
  • The smooth internal design reduces the risk of a catch and facilitates rotation of the carabiner.
  • A KEYLOCK system to prevent the carabiner from locking inadvertently.
  • The H-shaped cross-section provides increased strength and protects the markings from abrasion.
  • Available with BALL-LOCK, TRIACT-LOCK or SCREW-LOCK.