Master links

Master links M, MF, and MT

M and MF master links are equipped to deal with the most demanding projects. In fact, an M master link with an impressive 125-tonne WLL is available.

However, if flexibility is an essential part of your job, then the MF master link is the better option. A CL or CLD connector can be hooked up to the master link in no time due to the handy flat section. It only takes a matter of seconds to create a new configuration. The MT master link boasts all the benefits of an MF, but for 3 and 4-leg configurations.

Master link, type M

According to EN 1677-4. Designed for use with chain or wire rope.

Master link, type MF

For 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-leg slings. Designed for use with CL, CLD, CG and CGD.
3- and 4 leg chain slings require CLD/CGD.

Master link, type MT

Designed for use with chain or wire rope. 
For 3- and 4-leg slings.

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