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SKP nv
Ravenshout 7040
Industrieweg 137
3583 Beringen - Paal

T: +32 11 45 01 45
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About SKP - Trump cards - Safety About SKP - Trump cards - Safety
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SKP nv can take pride in the fact in its thirty-year existence there has never been a single accident attributable to production faults in lifting or attachment materials supplied by the company. This is the consequence of the strict safety policy enforced by SKP nv: checks, and more checks. The CE conformity declaration that has been a legal requirement since 1995 does not, unfortunately, always guarantee the undisputed safety of material in practice. SKP nv makes a clear distinction here between safe and apparently safe materials. A small number of manufacturers carefully screened by SKP nv and who satisfy all their safety requirements are accepted as suppliers.

SKP nv uses the philosophy that it is not working for the customer, but for the employees of the customer who are going to work with their materials, and whose safety SKP nv wants to see guaranteed at all times. SKP nv accordingly always urges its customers to only use materials of which the origin and manufacturer are perfectly clear based on the grounds: 'You yourself determine the safety of your employees or other people working on the site'.

SKP nv also disposes of two vertical test benches to test your hoisting gear. One has a capacity of 10t and the other 80t. These drawing benches have a digital load cell which can generate a report to give the customer a cast-iron guarantee that the equipment has been test loaded and is therefore fully in order.