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SKP nv
Ravenshout 7040
Industrieweg 137
3583 Beringen - Paal

T: +32 11 45 01 45
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About SKP - Trump cards - Certificates About SKP - Trump cards - Certificates
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In 1995 the European Community imposed the obligation of providing finished products with a CE declaration of conformity. In these certificates the manufacturer/supplier declares that the material is in conformity with European regulations. But a CE certificate is not always a guarantee of safety.

A proliferation of products from various manufacturers, the one more inventive than the other, causes ambiguities and confusion at the end user. Safety at SKP nv is always the top priority. From SKP's first years it was already clear that more than just enthusiastic control was necessary to separate the men from the boys.

SKP nv was the first company in Belgium, now more than 20 years ago, to join up with AIB (now Vinçotte) who then introduced a conformity mark: the VGS label, standing for “VeiligheidsGarantie - Guarantee de Sécurite“. During a VGS procedure samples are taken of components that are subjected to processes including fatigue tests, break tests,…

Since the 80's the VGS label has been a mark of the guarantee of safe products.

The Belgian government imposed an obligation on users of hoisting appliances to have a test carried out before bringing new equipment into use. This must be done by an accredited, independent notified body. SKP nv goes further by offering to do this for the customer should he so require. The SKP nv philosophy has therefore always been that the customer must be able to immediately use his purchased hoisting equipment as soon as it leaves the gates at SKP nv.